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Good morning folks,

There is much precedence made on how we should dictate the flow of the year. I made this realisation - that to determine the flow of our year, we should allocate a 'word' to that year.

As I reflected, I unconsciously defined 2020 as the year to 'learn'. Last year I began my endeavour to create, write and to share with the world what I've learnt. Continuing with the theme, 2021 is the year of 'growth' - to add consistency in my endeavours, to add volume so if someone new walks through my blog post or YouTube videos they can dive into my creation.

The thought process behind establishing 'a word for the year' is based on a few reasons.

  1. To build discipline with the importance of a single 'word' - to dictate the flow of progression with one word throughout the year as it naturally becomes a habit. In 2020, I was able to validate this as I published weekly blogs. Going into 2021, the outcome is to build a level of consistency with my secondary goal. For my writing, my secondary goal is to focus on a longer-form of writing. I took action at the start of the year to just publish articles that provided a wealth of knowledge.

  2. It helps filter decision with ease. Part of my STEM responsibilities is to highlight my experience as an engineer. During COVID, I took advantage of this by recording my insights and working on my editing skill to improve and 'grow'.

As my final remark, I want you to be intentional - establish a word for the year and work on your endeavours that highlight the importance of that word.

Well, that's for this week.

Take it easy!


Snippet of Value💫

  1. Article:Avoiding Bad Decisions - bad decisions are the result of various unintended consequences - we base it on emotion or start solving problems that are not meant to be solved, or we fail to reflect on previous experiences. 

  2. A book I've started reading - What Every BODY is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People by Joe Navarro.

  3. Article: Ten reasons to write a book - an insight into Seth Godin’s view on writing a book. Definitely one to check out!

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Some people are born into families that encourage education; others are against it. Some are born into flourishing economies encouraging of entrepreneurship; others are born into war and destitution. I want you to be successful, and I want you to earn it. But realize that not all success is due to hard work, and not all poverty is due to laziness. Keep this in mind when judging people, including yourself. Therefore, focus less on specific individuals and case studies and more on broad patterns.

The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness by Morgan Housel


Blog post 📝

The 5 AM Club is a guiding journey of two characters known to the readers as the Entrepreneur and the Artist. In this book summary, I've honed on the teachings, ideas and concepts that shed light on the most fundamental points. I hope you enjoy this book summary and please consider leaving any feedback.

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