Why I've started taking cold showers?

Issue 41

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Part of my 2021 resolution was to engulf into the prospect of becoming uncomfortable in a comfortable environment.

To implement an actionability practice 🏃🏽‍♂️, I began taking cold showers from the first day of the year. As I write this issue, it's my 11th day into this new habit. To gather perceptive in my decision, I began investigating the effects of a cold shower to a greater detail - my research led me to understand the method employed by Wim Hof.

In his method, he details three aspects: breathing techniques, training of the mindset/concentration and exposure to the cold. I'll focus on the cold exposure🥶, but if you wish to dwell on the other two techniques. You can check it out here.

Exposure to cold is an essential means of accessing the autonomic nervous system which is related to the immune system. In a study conducted by Pickkers et al in 2011, highlighted that inflammatory protein in Wim Hof's blood was significantly lower through cold exposure and breathing techniques. The reason for such results was the increased level of cortisol that had been registered in his bloodstream. A study conducted by Thrombosis Research Institute highlighted individuals who persistently had cold showers had higher counts of white blood cells than those who did not. These white blood cells are the first line of defence against diseases. Exposure to a cold shower is an indicative measure that allows your body to increase its metabolic rate hence warming the body during and after a cold shower. It activates and boosts the immune system by releasing more white blood cells.

Part of the reason, I began implementing this strategy into my everyday habit is to challenge my comfort zone and seek discomfort.   

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