What is the result of elegancy? #Issue 30

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Good morning folks,

The internal seed of our hard work provides the fruition of elegancy through the visualise imagery.

Shooting video is easy; editing is hard. Reading is easy; writing is hard. We fund ourselves with the purpose to create. And, through the process of creation, we diverge into various stages. Drafting, editing and deleting - distilling away the unwanted pieces to achieve elegancy in our work.

The elegancy is heightened by the glamorisation of feedback that we receive from our peers, friends and family. Providing with opportunities to work on our kinks. Sending drafts to an editor on a potential new book - feedback has the power to heighten the elegancy of the book and provide a new perspective that the writer can highlight in his work.

The elegance in seeing the beauty of Mona Lisa, what has not been seen the inelegant process of hard work exercised by Leonardo da Vinci. For him to reach that level, he must have painted countless pieces that allowed him to perfect his technique. We have the privilege in viewing the result, but never the grind.

So take notice of your next project - and share your hard work with the world because the end result is just another piece of glamorisation.

Well, that's all for his week. I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead :)


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Snippet of Value

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Quote of the week

Nobody wants to read your shit. What’s the answer? 1) Streamline your message. Focus it and pare it down to its simplest, clearest, easiest-to-understand form. 2) Make its expression fun. Or sexy or interesting or scary or informative. Make it so compelling that a person would have to be crazy NOT to read it. 3) Apply that to all forms of writing or art or commerce.

Book: Nobody Wants to Rest Your Sh*t: What That Is And What You Can Do About It

Author: Steven Pressfield


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