Value reading - Issue #24

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed last week’s Madness. There’s a lot more in store this week.

Good morning folks,

Lately, I have been going through one book after another. The feeling of personal resonance when reading a book evokes an anecdotal experience. As a result of this feeling, I feel baited into reading refreshing ideas and the expression of newfound knowledge that enables me to utilise what I’ve learnt into real-life practice.

During August, I took it upon myself to read the published works of Derek Sivers. His listed work - click here. I’ve been actively following his involvement in podcast interviews and his various articles. His philosophy towards life has been refreshing because it puts a perspective on the decisions I’ve been making as an individual. Here is my recent post I shared three reflective thoughts from his first book.

Differently, to this author, I read his work to get a better understanding of financial acumen. I’d picked up Ramit Sethi’s ‘I will teach you to be Rich’ earlier this year. The book encompasses a vast amount of financial strategies that I found to be so helpful. I finished reading this book with a whole catalogue of different coloured bookmarks. I can’t recommend this book enough. Here’s an example of a strategy that Ramit shares on page 38 called The six commandments of credit cards.

  1. Pay off your credit card regularly

  2. Try to get fees on your cards waived

  3. Negotiate a lower APR

  4. Keep your main cards for a long time, and keep them active - but also keep them simple.

  5. Get more credit

  6. Use your credit cards secret perks

Within the discussion of the commandment, he provides scripts that you can follow and try it out for yourself.

Currently, as I’m composing this newsletter, I’m reading the works of William Irvine on Stoic life. I’ve to say the first 50 pages aren’t exciting where the author distracts the readers by focusing on the history of Stoic philosophy. What I did find interesting was the principles shared on the topic of negative visualisation- is the idea of visualising 'what’s the worse’ - you realise the importance of not taking something for granted. And, for that reason, you appreciate what you have and value it more.

The reason I share these examples is to highlight the impact of reading can lead you to change the outcome of your life from 0 to 100. Ideas, value and discipline provided in various works of literature expose us to the stream of information that not only benefits us if applied correctly. But, can be used as a compounding tool to teach others.

Well, that’s all for this week. Have an amazing week ahead.

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Snippet of wisdom

Article - Thinking for Oneself

  • Instead of thinking for ourselves, we’re dependent on the insight of others.” - I reflected on this statement; I ventured into this creative endeavour of content making through a default process initially imitating what others have done. But, 30 videos in, I realised each value creator establishes their niche when they stray away from the default process and start thinking of ideas on their own.

  • While the abundant directives, rules, and simplicities offered by others make us feel like we’re getting smarter, it’s nothing more than the illusion of knowledge.” - I realised the only way to decode that illusion of knowledge is to experience or exercise that knowledge through practical exposure. And, through the exposure, you can turn illusion into reality.

Kindle Highlight

Motivation is something you get, from yourself, automatically, from feeling good about achieving small successes.

Quote from The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden

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