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Managing my time has been a learning lesson past year - I truly understood the implied meaning if it's not in my calendar, it doesn't exist. With the help of tools like google calendar or creating a standard to-do list with time allocation on Notion. I was managing my time and enjoying the process of it.

However, it all changed, I became complacent with the habit this year.

I realised the strategy that I welcomed last year didn't excite me anymore - I started to ignore my calendar, began to implement the statements 'I'll catch up later in the week'. It just felt like I lost the excitement to achieving the overcoming tasks that I intend to accomplish during the day. I'd reached a plateau.

Until I came across the concept of time blocking through Cal Newport. In this practice, he structured his day into subjected time blocks of various activities. So during February, I started implementing this practice using an analogue based A4 diary and Uniball pen that I've kept with myself at all times. It provides such relief in managing my time on an hourly basis. I can reflect on activities that I've completed, pending or that I can shift to the following day. 

A productive technique to carry out deep work - there are multiple benefits to consider.

  1. Batching of multiple activities that could be considered as non-essential.

  2. Time blocking each hour to a specific goal that values the progression of a project.

  3. The analogue process of such practice strays you away from the digital consumption of infinite apps and technology.

I hope you find this technique useful in your own endeavour

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