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Good morning folks,

Writing is such a special kind of meditation that prints the thoughts, ideas or the mind dump that we wish to get across.

By creating my newsletter and blog channel (my second home on the internet), I began to practice the initial writer's approach to writing Fast Bad Wrong. It's the measure to write without caring to go back and implement suggested autocorrected solutions. I began respecting the nature of the flow to cement the initial foundation of my ideas and heighten them through researched information. Following this process, I found to implement a refinement process on my written pieces. These are three refinement solutions to my writing.

  1. Axe mode away with the chunks: the practice of this mode is to cut large sections and big blocks of text in your writing. The purpose is to eliminate ideas that aren't in link with each other or doesn't build-up to the idea of the article.

  2. Knife mode: this process involves removing unnecessary words and sentences to create a flow in sentence structure. The ideas should make sense hence the structure of the writing begins to make sense.

  3. Chisel mode to add flare: this is a cosmetic process making small adjustments, right before you publish. This is achieved through various drafting, changing vocabulary, adding references to provide credibility to the writing.

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Snippet of Value

  1. What I’m listening on audible - Benjamin Franklin: An American life

  2. ArticleFail like a scientist, highlights the expanding notion of challenging every assumption, to test many hypotheses like a scientist. To understand that if a pursued outcome doesn't fit well - 'fail like a scientist' and let it go. And the measure taken to overcome failure is to practice - failure loopback; to understand and learn from your failures. By asking good questions, changing the outlook on how one view failures mindset and finally understand success can be elusive, the real focus should be on progress. 

  3. Podcast - Cal Newport on the Art of Time Blocking:

    • Time blocking - controlling time during the day providing more focus time.

    • This practice should be an analogue based activity. Having a piece of paper and just confronting your day provides a sense of achievement. 

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