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Issue - 27

Welcome back to another week of Monday Madness 😀

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Good morning folks,

Last week, I attended a summit that lasted three days between 22-24 September. And, part of that summit introduced personnel like Gary Vaynerchuk, Jay Shetty and many more influential creators. It was delivered by Teachable. You can check out some of the takeaways I took from the summit on my Twitter feed.

Teachable is an online platform where you can learn or share your skill to teach others.

The main goal of this summit is to allow high influencing creators to share their process, to share their ups and downs and to share value through various resources and tools. A 30 minutes session or more provided depth of knowledge which was profound. And, the result of such sessions insinuated in a Q&A between the audience and the presenter.

I went into this summit with an open mind to learn something new in the hopes that I could apply it to my process of content creation. This summit opened up the possibility of how to create a course effectively, build a positive mindset towards failures. And to, understand the value of group learning. It highlighted:

  1. You can help a lot more people who share similar goals.

  2. You can monetize much easily.

I enjoyed such a process because it provided me with the opportunity to connect with others just by simply sharing my LinkedIn profile. I did this to meet new people who share similar goals to myself, and with the hope, we can collaborate one day. 

The opportunity to learn from others has now influenced me to sign up to various other online summits and conferences. A practice that I shall pursue more often. 

Well, that's all folks, until next time 🙂.


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Snippets of Value

  1. Article - Increasing the difficulty: Learning something difficult pushes you out of your comfort zone; once you're in a position where you feel content or achieve satisfaction, you stop improving. Adopt and ingrain the mindset to continuously push yourself in a meaningful way to be engaged and learn something new. This could be starting a project that is outside of your comfort zone or taking responsibility. Overall, the goal should not be to complete the difficult task but to increase the difficulty of that task gradually.

  2. Podcast - MORGAN HOUSEL: WRITING FOR THE INTERNET: In this interview with Morgan Housel author of The Psychology of Money, talks about the concept of paying attention to the most obvious things and not become trapped in the gritty details. Differently, to the topic of writing - Morgan stated that writing should be a process for oneself as if you are writing for one person. And, this is where the power of blogging comes into play because it provides the ability to express your mind and become a deep thinker.

  3. Book I’m currently reading - Who moved my Cheese? An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life.

  4. Products I’m trying - Vivolife: Magic Ground Coffee with Lion’s mane mushroom

  5. What I’m watching - Deep Dive Ali Abdaal and Nate Eliason

Let me know what snippets of value you were able to discover last week?

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A quote by Sun Tzu from The Art of War

Without constant practice, the officers will be nervous and undecided when mustering for battle; without constant practice, the general will be wavering and irresolute when the crisis is at hand.


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