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Good morning folks 🌞,

So last week 📆 - I took the time to order a football jersey - not any common jersey, but it was my first ever football jersey that I would own. So I decided to get the jersey that represented Juventus ⚽️. My reason's for acquiring the jersey was based on the aesthetic look of the jersey. The initial state of feeling was heightened further when I'd the option to customise it with my name and number of my choosing. I know it to be a marketing gimmick to lure customers to invest their hard-earned money just so they can satisfy their fantasies of being a football player. As soon I'd ordered it - I could feel the anticipation build-up, which was evident in my behaviour as I took my working setup of the day from my office into the living room.

Reason - I wouldn't miss the delivery guy 📦.

As it arrived - I welcomed the thoughts of 'being signed by the club' I vividly pictured myself posing to the imagery of flashing camera's and showing off the back of the shirt with my name and the number. It was such a dopamine rush.

It's our instinct to become elevated with happiness whenever we subject ourselves to a new commodity. The principle of hedonic adaption comes into play when such elevated happiness fades away with time. As time progresses, we reach our natural plateau state - a baseline until the next materialistic high.

It is important to realise the hedonic adaption that we encounter with such small happiness - we cater ourselves to the short term high in dopamine. One must consider how to nurture the idea of continuous happiness without resorting to a 'materialistic component'. This is subjective to everyone's natural inclination, but here are a few things I'm trying to focus on:

  1. Seeking new profound experiences: building on new profound experiences to create a repertoire of memories of varied experiences.

  2. developing relationships - meeting new kinds of people, engrossing ourselves into various cultures gives insight into a new friendship

Well that’s all for this week. I hope you guys have an amazing day.

Peace ✌🏽,


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Kindle Highlight of the week 🎯

Commandment 1: Be a competent observer of your environment. Concerted (effortful) observation—is absolutely essential to reading people and detecting their nonverbal tells successfully.

What Every Body is Saying: An FBI Agent's Guide to Speed-Reading People by Joe Navarro

Snippet of Value 🔥

  1. Podcast - Episode 5: “I paid off $50,000 of debt, but I still feel guilty buying toothpaste” by Ramit Sethi.

    • True stories that get into the nitty -gritty truth of how psychological impact of money can influence an individual’s life.

  2. ArticleEmotional exhaustion: a leading indicator of burnout; coming across this article provided a much-needed perception over emotional exhaustion and what kind of underlying effects an individual can suffer. To dwell further into this article, the author expands on a few remedial solutions to exercise to overcome emotional exhaustion. 

Blog Post

The Untold Secret To Mastering the PYGMALION EFFECT and avoiding the GOLEM EFFECT - 📝 Pygmalion effect was a terminology that provided a new-found zeal into my behaviour. As an 💪🏽 arsenal, it's a means to set positive expectations of others to help them achieve their utmost best.

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