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Active learning is a fundamental part of retaining information that we have become accustomed to. And, within the process of retention, we active recall newly learnt information through memory. This process of active learning is often seen in our day to day lives either as part of a job role, schoolwork or any activity that requires cognitive input.

In this week's newsletter, I wish to highlight three areas that promotes active learning.

Working through problem-solving scenarios: Problem-solving daily we are challenged and put in a position to solve problems whether it's part of our work-related activities, household or schoolwork. As a cascading measure, this enables us to fire up our neurones to initiate a working solution. The process of implementing a solution plays a key role in our derivation of that solution. This can be through trial and improvement, working with biased solutions imposed by others or applying first principle thinking to devise unique solutions.

Participating in a facilitated discussion: Active discussion around the topic provides refreshing incites into the mindset of others. A problem viewed from a different mind will probably generate new solutions or ideas. Another advantage of pursuing active discussion it highlights areas of sunk cost bias; it reflects areas or pathways we can avoid venturing into, which avoids wasting time and effort. Furthermore, facilitated discussion can also be advantageous to teaching others what you have gained knowledge on.

Establishing a means to active recall: To establish a measurable way to active recall new information, this is achieved by cementing new information in an active recall spreadsheet. As a practice, this can be incrementally recalled every week. Allowing the retained information to remain for a longer time. Another by-product of this process, it engenders additional questions around the considered learning topic which broaden views on the learning area.

It's a reflective process that I have noticed in the past couple of weeks of being in a working project - which has allowed me to acquire a tremendous amount of knowledge.

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We’re on this earth for only a short time, and the bulk of our adult days are spent at work. It’s worth taking the steps necessary to make sure those hours are as rewarding, productive, and enjoyable as possible.

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence—and How You Can, Too: Gary Vaynerchuk

Snippet of Value 🎯

  1. A book I’m listening on Audible 📻 - Hitler

  2. Article 📝 - For a More Creative Brain Follow These 5 Steps, it was interesting to dwell on the creative process of picking an idea to follow the process of contribution through facts, to re-energise through a recreational activity of enjoyment. To come back to the idea with a fresh outlook and release it to the world to acquire feedback.

  3. Podcast 🎧 - Matt Ridley: Infinite Innovation [The Knowledge Project Ep. #107]

    • In the podcast between Shane Parrish and Matt Ridley - here are a few points I picked up:

      • An important note that reliability on technology has an overwhelming effect.

      • The difference between innovation and invention - innovation is turned into a practical idea for betterment. Innovation is infinite because it evolves - it's a required component to advance each other's welfare.

      • Avoid the spectrum of being protected from failure - it is important to fail and more of a reason to try again, to do better.

      • We overvalue the idea and undervalue the execution - there needs to be (30/70) ratio between the two varying components because, without execution of the highest order, the idea will never reach its optimum potential.

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