Narrowing down on the Priorities || #51

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I have slacked off on the idea of consistency. I won't digress I'm going through a phase that I like to call 'subtraction'. The means to define this phase is to limit my priorities that I have assigned to myself. The further I consider adding a new commitment, the easier it becomes to consume in the ideology of continuous addition.

And as a result of such practice, this often leads to inconsistency in my commitments.

In this article by Derek Sivers, he highlights an interesting notion:

The least successful people I know run in conflicting directions, are drawn to distractions, say yes to almost everything, and are chained to emotional obstacles. The most successful people I know have a narrow focus, protect themselves against time-wasters, say no to almost everything, and have let go of old limiting beliefs.

Working against a list acts as a means to forcefully cross of the items within the checklist of the day. It's therapeutic as it helps me to be productive. I subject myself to prioritise my time for the items in my checklist. I realised the factor in my list I should concentrate on is to focus on do-able items that can be achieved without passing them onto the next day.

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Snippet of Value🧧

  1. Article - An ode to slowness: the benefits of slowing down: In this article, the author dives into the prospect of the intentionality of slowing down. The advantage of this process helps develop quality work and sustainability for a long period.

  2. Podcast: Fall in love with Learning: The speaker goes onto highlight a key strategy in enjoying learning. The strategy is called SOS: strategy, operating system, state. 

    • Strategy - helps you build confidence in what you wish to learn. 

    • Operating System - A few things to consider when honing your learning operating system - Kill the negative energy, remove vampire suckers. Give yourself the correct brain nutrients. Move around - are you meditating, exercising. Are you spending time with people who share similar passion for learning?Clean environment. Prioritising sleep. 

    • State - All learning is a state dependent.

Kindle Highlight 🙌🏽

Making money is not a thing you do—it’s a skill you learn.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness - Eric Jorgenson


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