My morning, MUST DO's - Issue #12

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed last week’s Madness. There’s a lot more in store this week.

Good morning guys,

Right this week, I wanted to share my morning, MUST DO’s. It’s my plan to reflect, assemble a to-do list and elaborate new ideas.


Journalling - I would be lying in saying that I have stayed consistent with journalling in the past. However, I do believe the reason for that is because I never worked on a system that made it possible for me truly stick with it. In this new system as highlighted by Figure 1.

The basis of this template is based on question sets.

  1. Morning question set - I usually end up completing these while in the bathroom.

  2. Night question list - I answer these while I’m winding down and about to go to bed.

The importance of these questions is to act as a prompt. I don’t feel complied to answer all questions. In some occasions, I have left out a few questions just because I didn’t have any answers for it. But, the importance of having question is to make you reflect on your day. The two questions I stay consistent with answering is (daily highlight and story-worthy moment of the day).

Primary to-do list

My primary to-do list which I usually assemble on Notion, to write a set of objectives that I work on during the evenings after coming back from work. These are objectives are inlined with my personal projects that I batch for that particular day. I tend to assemble my primary to-do list the night before, this allows me to focus on what I need to complete on that day whether that be writing a blog post or learn coding.

Morning Pages

The morning dump in actuality a three page input of thoughts, ideas and information that is floating in my head. I am currently true to one page a day and much of my mind dump is spread with in my primary and secondary to-do list. In my current situation, when I reach work, usually in my car - I end up writing a page in my notebook. This helps me brain storm ideas and create an action plan for new ideas.

Secondary to-do list

My secondary to-do list consists of activities that are trivial. They are some what important with minimal priority. Like picking up groceries, calling relatives abroad or washing my car. My tool of choice is an app called Todoist.

Well that’s all folks!

Yours truly,


Stuff, I enjoyed from last week

  1. Podcast - Coach George Raveling on This Unique Moment in Time, How to Practice Self-Leadership, Navigating Difficult Conversations, and Much More (#438), reflecting on the message that was expressed in this podcast, I realised being a self-leader is much more important to my development, before I can position myself to lead others. I highly recommend listening to this episode.

  2. What I’m listening on Audible - I started using Audible this month only and my first purchase was a book called Outliers by Malcom Gladwell, I usually resort to listening to an audiobook while I’m driving - I'v found this to be an excellent way of utilising my time. While listening to this book at 2X speed. A possible experiment you guys can try?

  3. An experiment I’m excited about - Fasting for 3 days, while reading Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, I came across the following statement ’fasting for three days or longer can effectively reboot the immune system via stem cell based regeneration’. It’s only right that I try it!

  4. A Youtube video I found interesting - Make Body Language Your Superpower, it was interesting to see how body language can dictate how a speaker is able to control the attention of an audience - through hand gestures and body posture. Definitely one to check out!

Questions I'm pondering on?

What are your hopes during these turbulent times?

Kindle highlight of the week

The system of white supremacy was not created by anyone who is alive today. But it is maintained and upheld by everyone who holds white privilege—whether or not you want it or agree with it.

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad


  1. The Feynman way! - highlighting the Feynman technique of understanding difficult concepts through a four step process. Check it out!


Favourite (article, concept and idea) Episode 2: Flywheel Effect