My 6 productivity Apps - Issue #5

Hi guys,

I figured in this week’s newsletter I spill some beans on my default apps that I use to help me learn, create or provide new ideas for my potential blog posts or Youtube videos.

  1. Notability - I came across Notability in late 2018. This application has been such a lifesaver in storing, creating new documents, signing and reviewing documents whenever I need to. While using the apple pencil, the interface felt nothing like I’d ever used before. I predominately use this application to learn mandarine.

  2. Notion - Notion is my go-to app for my everyday use. For many reasons: 1. I use a default template called content calendar for my newsletters, blogs, and Youtube Video. This acts as an organizer and helps me keep track of my progress. 2. I’ve also created a database system for the books I’ve read using my My process of reading a book. 3. I especially enjoy using the ‘toggle feature’ on Notion while working on my daily to-do list in conjunction with my weekly agenda. 4. Overall, Notion has been such an advantageous tool because I’ve structured it to be my secondary network and action my ideas into potential work of content.

  3. Procreate - I recently acquired this creative app for one important reason - to create thumbnails for my videos. The advantage of this it allowed me to tap into my creative side and experiment with different techniques like masking and commercialize my content in a manner that it engages the audience. I feel the scope of this app is quite large which allows users to draw, sketch, paint and create adventurous paintings.

  4. Kindle - I love this app as an avid reader and having the ability to quickly access my phone and start reading on a train or in the car has become a useful way to occupy my time. The ease of accessibility and the advantage of using this app enables me to carry all my books and switch between one another whenever I wish.

  5. Pocket and Instapaper - Pocket is an app that provides insights into various articles. I was reintroduced to this app and reminded of its usefulness. I use this app as a means of inspiration for both my blog channel and weekly email newsletter. Instapaper is another app that I’ve recently started using. I use this app as a means to save and store articles from different sources with the purpose of reading them later.

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Stuff I enjoyed from last week

  1. Article - No Such Thing As Writer’s Block; Just Getting-Started Block - When I came across this article, I resonated with the initial struggle of chipping away from my writing. However, the concept of FBW (Fast, Bad and wrong) highlighted that initial writing is meant to be bad and the thrill of continuously working on a draft at different intervals of the week provides a refreshing outlook on the writing.

  2. Podcast - Dr. Jane Goodall — The Legend, The Lessons, The Hope” - Dr Jane Goodall is a primatologist and anthropologist. I came across her interview which was hosted by Tim Ferriss. Her work to understand the behaviour of chimpanzees in the wild while immersing herself as a neighbour provided many revelations. In 1960s, she discovered the chimpanzees make and use tools that completely restructured the relationship between humans and chimpanzees. I highly recommend listening to this.

Kindle Highlight of week

The way of the Essentialist is to tune into the present. To experience life in kairos, not just chronos. To focus on the things that are truly important – not yesterday or tomorrow, but right now - Greg McKeown

Article and Video

  1. Article - Creating a 5-year plan, the idea behind writing this post was to create a template that I could follow and improve as I progress. It was imperative for me to create actionable objectives on how to structure my year and remove any resistance. So check out the post and if you found the template useful, do let me know :)

  2. Youtube Video - This week’s video is a reflection to the information I found useful this month. I hope you guys can take few things away from this video and apply it in your own endeavours.

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