Momentum begets momentum - Issue #9

Good morning guys,

So, in this week’s newsletter, I wanted to take you back to my past.

I have been dwelling on the idea of momentum begets momentum. I initially experienced this as a sixth form student, whilst studying for my IB exams. A period of my life where the most important thing for me was to study. In the building momentum of consuming knowledge, I studied for 10 hours a day and as a result, I picked up various bad habits. I’d no social life, my circadian rhythm was irregular and most of all I didn’t enjoy what I was doing.

‘Momentum begets momentum’, as a tool or mantra, it’s going on my billboard if I ever owned one.

Fast forward to now, I’ve realised the impact of how momentum begets momentum can be such a powerful tool. Supplemented with the idea of improving 1% each day, the concept has aided me to write, create and follow other pursuits. Hence, I’m continuously churning out valuable content and feeding my momentum wheel. Something, I picked up from Jim Collins, the author of Turning the flywheel. The flywheel initiative expresses by adding opportunities in your wheel over time will turn the wheel itself in the ever-growing momentum.

That’s all for this week. I hope you guys have an awesome week ahead.

Yours truly,


Stuff I enjoyed from last week

  1. Article - I couldn’t find a good Personal CRM — So I created my own and want to share it with you by Khe Hy uses his method of utilising Google sheet to create a CRM system, it was useful to see the strategy applied using Google sheets. I was inspired to use the ground work to create my own CRM system on Notion.

  2. Article - An Easy, Fast, Personal CRM for Making and Maintaining Friendships by Nat Eliason highlights his process of creating a cloud based CRM through Airtable which entails useful informations and draws on a solid framework.

  3. Podcast - Making it by Derek Sivers featuring an interview with Chris Goyzueta, this is an interesting listen for anyone who wants to master distraction, find creative measures to pursue a career in music and learn to follow the rule of ‘Hell, Yes!’ or a 'No’.

  4. Question I’m pondering on - What are you afraid to ask?

Kindle Highlight

When we forget our ability to choose, we learn to be helpless. Drip by drip we allow our power to be taken away until we end up becoming a function of other people’s choices – or even a function of our own past choices.

Essentialism: The disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

Blog post

A Personal CRM for maintaining communication - in the blog post, I created a template to maintaining communication through my own CRM. Check it out to find out more.


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