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Good morning folks🌞,

Back in early 2012, whilst living in Birmingham - I was going through a physical transition period. I weighed around 90kgs. I didn't like what I was turning into - my clothes would hug my expanding frame, which didn't help my self-esteem because I would draw upon wearing black coloured clothes to mask it.

To prevent this problem from getting any worse - I needed a transition.

The transition I took wasn't your typical diet transition because I disliked the idea of limiting what I ate or even followed a deficit calorie meal plan. My transition occurred through the help of an old school fighting club that predominately specialised in a sport called Muay Thai 🥊 or Thai Boxing.

My training was strict and was based on two things - Muay Thai and Wrestling. I would spend three hours each day training in these specialised forms of fighting to find myself enjoying the sport.

I took on the sport to lose weight I went from a chunky 90kg to a skinny 63kg within six months. And, I knew I made it when I was able to do pull-ups in a continuous rhythm. It was the best feeling 😎 at that time.

Then I left the sport to go away and study for my undergrad degree 📑.

Come September 2021 - I find myself actively looking to get into a club and guess what I find another Muay Thai club. In my excitement, I call up the place and schedule a session.

On a Wednesday evening, I walked through a narrow alley that bypassed a butchering shop. Sceptical at first - I find myself asking the butcher for directions to the entrance for the club. I followed the instructions: walking up the staircase, passing through one floor after another. Each floor had automated lighting so, in the initial darkness, I couldn't prepare myself for what I was going to witness. I relished the sight of postage signs that directed me to the front entrance.

After 1:30hr, I realised why I missed Muay Thai - the session started off with cardio to get the heart pumping, followed by a rundown of a few technique showdowns and then to end the session conditioning of the core. To enlighten you - basically, two guys roundhouse kicking me on my core. It was painful 😖 because I could feel it the next morning.

Well, that's all for this week. Have an amazing week ahead.


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Snippet of Value 🏦

  1. 📝 Article - The hermeneutic circle: a key to critical reading; coming across this paper has been really useful in understanding how critical reading can impact our beliefs. 

  2. 🎧 Audiobook - How to talk to anyone by Neil Lowndes talks about the technique that can be put in place to initiate conversations with anyone. 

  3. 🎧 Audiobook - The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela by Nelson Mandela - I have only started listening to this but, so far it's been amazing.

Kindle Highlight of the week 🙌🏽

Whenever you read something, make notes about the content. Write down what you don’t want to forget or think you might use in your own thinking or writing.

Book: How to Take Smart Notes: One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking – for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers by Sönke Ahrens

Blog Post 📨

How I improved my productivity with MoSCoW Prioritisation? MoSCoW Prioritization is a technique employed to manage the priorities within a project.

It's definitely one to add to your productivity arsenal.

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