Innovation VS Imitation - Issue #20

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed last week’s Madness. There’s a lot more in store this week 😊.

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In a recent podcast interview, Derek Sivers talked about the idea of ‘innovation VS imitation’, he emphasised that living life through creation provides a different kind of joy. In a simple example, he states 'making a table is a much happier process, then buying one from IKEA’.

And, to an extent, I resonate with this process of thinking since I’ve witnessed it through my mother’s creative inputs. Initially, as an avid viewer, she began consuming knowledge of gardening on YouTube. To forward her resolve she exercised the practice of what she had learnt, to become a plant enthusiast. For me witnessing her process of learning has been remarkable; I witnessed her victory in re-growing a dry, uniform stick into a blossoming plant. And, this was only possible when she re-potted the plant, changed its fertiliser, added a layer of stones on top to prevent moisture from escaping, nurtured the plant through an interval-based watering routine.

Her drive to learn A to Z about gardening - also enabled her to expand her knowledge of different types of fertilisers. Provide her with reasonable understanding which plants that should be seeded based on seasonal preference and more importantly, her favourite activity to propagate.

What started as a recreational activity has now become a joyful hobby of creation and learning new methods about gardening. As a result, she now reconsiders buying off the top shelf Sainsbury plants. And, contributes her maternal instincts looking after weathered plants and watch them re-populate one bud at a time.

What’s your vitamin joy when you create something instead of buying it?

Let me know in the comments below. I would love to know about your creative endeavours.

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Stuff, I enjoy from last week

  1. Article - Time budgeting, in this article Tiago Forte highlights the importance of doing a weekly review. In past, there has been the initial desire to begin such process, but never a system to complement it. So to correct this, Tiago suggested a weekly review is like a basic move of productivity. It’s like learning ‘wax off, wax on’ from Karate Kid before you can advance. I decided to action this as a priority for my weekend initiative to focus on categorising areas where a weekly review is needed.

  2. Podcast - What I learned from working with Mark Zuckerberg, this 30-minute episode provided so many insights. Here’s my takeaway:

  • Focus on one goal - the state of progress becomes much clearer. Upon reflecting, I’d asked myself the same question 'What’s my focus?’ and my response was 'GROWTH’ for my Youtube channel.

  • Have a big ass vision -Having a 'BIG VISION’ is a measure for levelling up. For my Youtube video is upgrading my production value and for my blog channel is my user-interface. To layout degree of incremental changes over time, it helps me position myself to ask - 'Where do I see myself with it when I’m 30?’

  • Pay attention to details which, highlights the quality of your work.

Kindle Highlight

The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.

Quote from On the shortness of Life - Seneca

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