How you should aim to provide SERVICE? #Issue 34

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Last week, I came across this term Pygmalion effect in this article. It highlights one's ability to reinforce positive influence towards other in order positively impact their performance and vice versa.

Taking that into consideration, I would define last week as a week of opportunity, but an opportunity that I would like to talk about is the act of service. On Thursday, I received an email by a STEM coordinator to take part in an activity. The purpose of this activity was to highlight:

How my STEM-related subjects in college influenced a carer in STEM?'. And, the means to present my response was to create a video for students in Year 11.

This opportunity excited me for two reasons:

  1. Providing service to a younger generation and have the opportunity to share my own experience. I hope to successfully encourage them to pursue a STEM-related subject.

  2. I felt excited about this project because it provided a sense of belonging- by that I mean I wish someone would have given me such advice when I was in Year 11. 

So as a default, the coordinator provided me with the structure for the video:

  1. What subjects did you do?

  2. Why did you choose them?

  3. What has been your career path after that?

  4. How have these subjects helped me determine a career in STEM?

  5. Any advice that I wished I got when I was in 11th grade?

Here’s what I shared:

To have learned how to edit and shoot a video has positioned me to share my own experience - in a professional manner. I added flair into my editing with pictures, sound effects, music and value content information. I controlled the editing process to make the subject more exciting for others to watch.

To what I stated was just an additional option to what these students already know. And, if in service, I can influence and provide value through my insight or experience. I am glad I did my good deed for the year.

Well, that's all for this week. I'll see you guys next week.


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Snippet of Value

  1. Article - 21 Tactics to Help You Become a Better Writer, Upon reading this article, I realized 'that I can improve my writing to another level'. I've already started to implement this into practice by creating a list of 'Banned words' that I should exercise. Definitely worth the read!

  2. Quote that I want to share:

    “Ideas are worth nothing unless backed by application. The smallest of implementations is always worth more than the grandest of intentions.”

    Book: The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma.

  3. Article - Staying Productive on Distracted days, by exercising the use of time-blocking management system to execute intentional work. Often the normality of life gets in the way through festivities, celebrations or something much more common - being ill. The author highlights productive should be intentional allocation of your time and attention toward things that matter to you and away from diversions that don’t.

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