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Issue 28

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Good morning folk ☀️ ,

Recently, I came across a discussion hosted by Ali Abdaal interviewing Dr Benjamin Hardy.

In this interview, they spoke about various topics of interest. Here, I'll leave a link for you to check it out.

But, I became interested in the topics of peak performance and being in the flow.

Peak performance is a means of viewing a change that stretches your capability outside your comfort zone. In other words, you increase the surface area of your learning. For instance, allocating a few hours learning video editing through Ali's skillshare course and using that knowledge to edit a video stretches one’s knowledge into a new realm of learning. It engenders opportunities in the form of starting a Youtube channel or recording to create an online course.

The second component of peak performance is the principle of flow. The attributing factors to consider are:

  • Forgetting your preliminary knowledge on the topic by adopting a novice approach for the subject, even if you know what it is.

  • Your emotional state towards your learning because trying to stay in a flow while being bored never works.

  • Teach what you have learnt to others - this provides an opportunity to cement your learning through active recall.

  • Taking an active approach towards your learning through practical exercises, asking questions and taking notes.

Being in flow heightens, the initial presence of a goal because it expands your desire to learn. I experienced this when I became engrossed with Ali's course in learning to edit with Final cut pro. I became equipped with the knowledge and techniques to pursue my process of becoming a competent video editor. This was a compounding factor, which allowed me to look into other techniques to ‘up’ my editing game.

To end this newsletter, I want to ask:

How would you constitute peak performance and being in flow in your life?

I would love to understand your thought process behind it.

Well that’s all for this week. I’ll catch you next week

Yours truly,


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Snippets of Value

  1. Article - Are we too busy to enjoy life? : The false image of productivity can often be viewed through a statement 'I'm too busy' to do anything else. Veiled under a task of 'to-do' lists we often become accustom to the this numbing strategy to avoid facing the truth - the subtle idleness if we stop working we could start to consider what we want from life. And, this provides perceptive to which we should consider - what we truly want from life, if not what we currently have. The author also goes onto mention "Instead of measuring progress by the quantity of work we produce, we should consider the quality of our work" and to some extent I disagree because by producing work that is based on quantity you're able to understand and learn from your mistakes. And, through this process you're able to learn something new, it engenders a level of curiosity for new ideas to experiment with and allows you to appreciate the help you acquire in solving those mistakes.

  2. Podcast - Book Discussion: the 4hour work week: The discussion highlighted some of most basic but impactful truths that is written within the book. That waiting for retirement shouldn't be the way. Building a wealth or an income system that could allow you to have mini-retirements throughout your life and still continue to enjoy working.

  3. Book - I’m excited to get on: The Food Mood Connection by Dr Uma Naidoo.


Quote to ponder on…

Nothing has inherent meaning. It is what it is and that’s it. We just choose to project meaning onto things. It feels good to make stories.

Hell Yeah or No by Derek Sivers

Blog Post

Book summary: The Magic of Thinking big by David J. Schwartz

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