Gratification Monkey - Issue #19

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed last week’s Madness. There’s a lot more in store this week.

Good morning guys,

Often enough, I’ve come across individuals who have created systems that are a direct result of their processes, which have compounded over time to provide great heights of achievements. And a little part of me is always pounding on the idea of ‘I should have done that’ or why didn’t I try that? or what’s stopping me from doing that?

Reason - I would digress and not fight the gratification monkey or become comfortable with the notion of 'I’ll do it tomorrow’ instead of 'I’ll do it now.’

For those who worked on their system, they made it a priority to work on their processes. To enhance their endeavour to a point where distraction was a choice. A choice that can be avoided and not be a victim too.

In the book, the War of Art by Steven Pressfield - the idea of fighting inner resistances plays a role in making a choice - a choice that should work for you instead of against you.

P.S. Check out my video on ’Fighting Resistance’ as part of my favourite series.

I also feel part of the reason why we fail to outweigh these choices in our favour is due to procrastination. Defined as:

To voluntarily delay an intended action for a prolonged period.

In this paper, the authors highlighted that procrastination is the result of short-term mood repair and emotion regulation. In other words, procrastination is more about being focused on the immediate urgency of managing aversive moods like (boredom, frustration, lack of meaning), instead of getting on with the task in the present moment.

So consider making choices that are in your favour and hone your endeavour to avoid your gratification monkey.

Well, that’s all for today. Have an awesome week ahead.

Yours truly,


Stuff, I enjoyed from last week

  1. Podcast - Knowledge Project, this was interesting listen, a key takeaway I felt impacted by was the notion of ’Innovation VS imitation - innovation is much more fun. Live by the idea of creating new things instead of going by what’s available for example, making a table is much more fun, then buying one from IKEA.

  2. Article - How to learn JavaScript, somewhat of an indication that I need to stay consistent with learning to code. And, rightly so - the article provides an array of resources to start learning Javascript and improve through practice.

  3. What I’m watching - Recently, I’ve started watching cooking shows like this one before going to bed. Oddly enough, its quite satisfying.

  4. An item I’m looking forward to get - Chemex, to step up my coffee game to the next level.

Kindle Highlight of the week

There are three things working to my advantage in this regard: number one, I genuinely don’t give a shit what people think, which allows me complete freedom to do and say what I want; number two, I care immensely what everyone thinks and will spend an insane amount of time responding to skeptics who take the time to tweet or comment their criticism, to help them see where I’m coming from; and number three, which might be more important than numbers one or two, I always respect my audience.

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