Creating a new habit with RoamResearch - Issue #3

Hi guys,

In my last week’s newsletter, I linked a Youtube video published by Tim Ferriss and in the video, he spoke about morning pages. The idea was originally inspired by Julia Cameron author of the Artist’s Way. And as my investment for the month of April, the first thing I ended up doing is acquire the book on my Kindle.

What are morning pages?

The basic idea is to write three pages in the morning as a way of writing everything and anything. Exhausting a stream of consciousness writing like a morning mind-dump. There isn’t a wrong way of doing morning pages. The writing is for your eyes only and the realistic effect of writing on a piece of paper with a pen allows you to splurge out ideas, views, and thoughts.

Coming across this idea, I feel motivated to implement this habit into my routine. The way I intend to approach this is by using RoamResearch as my canvas to write my daily morning pages. As an individual ‘high’ on digitalization, I find this software to be an excellent tool to begin implementing this habit. I understand it takes away from the default pen and paper mechanism. But, with the intend to try new experiences, I find the combination of morning pages expressed on RoamResearch to be an ideal option.

What is RoamResearch?

I am relatively new to RoamResearch and I came across it by luck scrolling through my twitter feed. It is a networked thought program that allows you to create notes with the intention of bi-directional links to create a database. Last week, I started writing my morning pages which have assisted me in clearing my mind before proceeding into the day. And, in the process of doing so, I managed to action a few ideas for my blog and Youtube Channel. I will admit writing three pages is a big commitment. It’s something I will have to ease into eventually, but maintaining this habit will be paramount.

So, guys consider using this new tool: RoamResearch and practice a new habit like morning pages in your routine. Perhaps, this can bring about the necessary change you are looking for.

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Stuff I enjoyed from last week

  1. Youtube Video : I recently got introduced to David Kuckhermann. He indulges in hand percussion also known as hand drums. I enjoy playing his solo’s in the background while working from home or writing. So, check him out!

  2. Article: ’3 tips to avoid WFH Burnout’ the author talks about drawing a line between professional and personal life is crucial for mental health while WFH. Hence, experimenting to find the ideal measure is necessary. The author also emphasizes that leaders should aid employees in structuring, coordinating, and managing the pace of work. So holding virtual meetings, having virtual coffee breaks to create a sense of disruption to the day. So give it a read to find out more!

Kindle highlight of the week

Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.“ It would be hard to find a better epitome of the root-principle of war - The Art of War

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I hope you guys have an awesome day :)