Capture Habit - Issue #10

Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed last week’s Madness. There’s a lot more in store this week.

Good morning guys,

One of the biggest takeaways from Getting things done, a book written by David Allen has been the concept of Capture Habit.

Capture habit expresses writing down or capturing your thoughts on a piece of paper or digitally. To prevent thoughts from floating around your head. Coming across Tiago Forte podcast, who states that using capture habit is a powerful tool because it influences the progression of projects through capturing a single idea. Alternatively, it can also be used to jot down missed errand that have been bothering you for a while.

I believe in the system of capture habit and the way I’ve implemented is through my iPhone because it’s the most accessible piece of device that I keep around with me. It has limited frictions as I have made it possible to access the apps on the first page of my screen for both my written and verbal method of capturing information. These are called Voice Memo and Drafts.

  1. I’ve been practising Draft when I am not pressed for time, especially to elaborate ideas and thoughts. This is my go-to app, while I’m listening to my favourite podcasts on Castro.

  2. I’ve been practising Voice Memos while I’m working out or driving. I use this app when I’m contemplating on an idea for a while and when I see a breakthrough I usually prefer to state my thoughts instead of writing it down.

That’s all for today. I hope you guys have an amazing week ahead :)

Yours truly,


Stuff I enjoyed last week

  1. Article - The high-leverage habit (that’s impossible to stick to), doing a weekly review has been something I’ve found challenging. So, reading this article by Khe Hy, I’m looking forward to implementing this habit by making it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying.

  2. Podcast - FLOWGRADE: MAX GOTZLER, Derek Sivers highlights the importance of staying in the flow because it requires minimum setup. And, when you stay in the flow of things, you end up completing any task to its completion.

  3. Question I’ve been pondering on - What’s your initial 90 minutes of your day look like when you wake up?

  4. Book, I’m currently reading - Story-worthy, written by Matthew Dicks

  5. What I found to be valuable this week? - How to Negotiate (or, “The Art of Dealmaking”), Tim Ferriss highlights the importance of negotiating and its a skill that I personally feel needs to be included in anyone’s repertoire of skills.

  6. What I enjoyed watching - Deep Dive with Derek Sivers - Life Advice, Writing and Entrepreneurship, enjoyed this livestream that talked about writing, music and various other aspects of life advice. A key take away from this has been - limit yourself to one idea per article and share that article in public. I definitely recommend checking this out!

Kindle Highlight

The happy and positive version of you is the best version you have to offer other people.

Superhuman social skills by Tynan

Blog post and Video

Activation Energy - I wrote this article to experiment asking difficult question. In my attempt, I learnt to overcome my activation barrier off uncertainty. I love for you to give it a try, check out my post to find out more.

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